Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beautiful Weather + Healthy Grilling = Perfection

Summer is almost upon us! Let's get outside and do some grilling! Rest assured that all of Healthy Home Market's meats are antibiotic and hormone free! We source our beef from local, Grayson Natural Farms, our deli bacon is cut in house, our deli meats are ground in house, we create our deli sausages and much of our seafood is wild caught in or around the United States!

Not a meat eater? That's cool! We have tons of delicious veggie "meats!" We recognize that many people didn't quit eating meat because they don't like the taste and these make great substitutes!

Not into the "faux" meats? We have a great selection of organic veggies that are just begging to be put on the grill! And have you tried grilled pineapple?! Mouth watering!

But, whatever you do...don't forget the spices...

Or the condiments....

And definitely don't forget the beer (if you're into that sort of the thing!)

Happy grilling everyone!
Please share with us your favorite grilling recipes in the comments below!

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