Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Support Local. We Do: Uncle Scott's Root Beer

Uncle Scott's Root Beer has been a favorite among customers and employees since Healthy Home Market began carrying it several years ago! Uncle Scott's is an all natural, 98% organic (water is not organic) craft root beer with complex flavors and a smooth burn, brewed by Uncle Scott himself in Mooresville, NC! Scott Ramsey has been brewing root beer since he was a kid and in 2007, he and his wife Suzanne decided to turn his hobby into a business venture. They brought in an old friend, Jeff Fleenor, as third business partner and Scott and Jeff took on the responsibility of delivery, while Suzanne works on the marketing aspect.
About the owners: Scott originally hails from Pittsburgh and moved to the Charlotte are in 1988. He met Suzanne while in her home state of New Mexico where she was an entrepreneur and radio show host before moving to North Carolina. The pair met when Scott was booked as a guest on her show. Scott and Suzanne not only sell root beer together, they have also written a book, The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon. Pretty cool!
Besides his contract work for Uncle Scott's, Jeff builds race cars and knows Scott from his past racing days. What a fun group!
Be on the look out for the crew sampling their delicious brew at our upcoming events and check out their website for some great recipes!

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