Friday, November 2, 2012

Support Local. We Do: Bushelle Seasonings

Olive Stewart of Bushelle Seasonings has been a friend of HHM for a long time. If you have ever attended any of our larger events, you have most likely seen her sampling out her delicious products and hopefully you have been lucky enough to try them! Olive's products are a blend of fresh herbs, spices and vegetables which can be used in various recipes, spread on crackers or bread, use as a dip and so much more! She has three flavors, Rosemary & Clove, Garlic & Habanero and Green Onions & Habanero. Bushelle Seasonings are packed with natural vitamins and minerals, are low in sodium (sea salt), contain no preservatives, no calories, are gluten free and 100% vegan! Bushelle Seasonings was born in 2006 in the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. Olive says, "Whenever we visited my in-laws, my father-in-law would use his special blend of fresh herbs and spices from his garden, to make a crisp and fragrant seasoning blend. He would use his herb blend to marinade and season chicken, fish, beef and vegetables. He especially uses it to season the local favorite dishes of “Pudding and Souse” and “Bajan Fish Cakes”.  On one trip, her father-in-law, Robert, was kind enough to share his recipe. Upon returning home, Olive began to create her own seasoning creations and the reception was so good from friends and family, that she decided to try selling her products at local farmer's markets and soon made her way to HHM! Bushelle is named for her father-in-law, of course!  Check out Bushelle Seasonings recipe ideas here and watch the video below! Also, stop by South End on November 10 for the Holiday Food Tasting and sample her three wonderful flavors if you haven't already!

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