Friday, December 3, 2010

What Climate Change Means for Our Food Supply

The International Food Policy Research Institute issued a report this week at the annual UN Climate Conference in Cancun, Mexico stating that we can expect food prices to double by the year 2050, thanks to Climate Change. After 2050, climate scientists predict the temperature could raise as much as 11.5° above 20th century levels and the forecast for agriculture is "gloomy." The specialists said that they fed fifteen scenarios of population and income growth into supercomputer models of climate and found that "climate change worsens future human well-being, especially among the world's poorest people." IFPRI estimates that these skyrocketing prices could boost the global population of undernourished children by 20%, that's an additional 25 million children. Climate Change is already causing lower crop output in some areas. We are facing not only higher prices, but higher prices because we are facing a food shortage.

Scientists say that even if we were to completely eliminate greenhouse gasses today, we would still feel the effects for many years to come. Of course as we all know, unfortunately, complete elimination is going to be a long process. But this is just more encouragement for each of us to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint. We have to continue to buy local, reduce our energy consumption, ride our bikes, walk or take public transportation, make smart choices when purchasing, support eco-friendly companies, recycle, waste less, eat organic, cut down on or eliminate meat in our diets, purchase organic and free-range meats when purchasing meats, bring our own shopping bags and do everything that we as individuals can do to help lower our greenhouse gas emissions. It's up to the worlds governments to do the rest. Let them know that it is time for serious change! But, be sure to let them know that GMO's are not the answer!

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