Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Sugar Rouse

Find your sugar compass now! It's been confusing, to say the least, about how to find your way through the morass of sugar and sugar substitutes offered today. For many years we'll all been avoiding the regular white stuff, and even those brown packets extolling sugar in the raw. What about the hype about high-fructose corn syrup? There are may new studies that continually prove that HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is actually the worst of all the sugar subs. What will you do to improve your health and sugar intake this year? Know that even the exalted Agave Nectar has issues starting with a higher glycemic index than one would expect. Additionally, there is processing used to create the lower grades of Agave that are chemically-laden. All told, sugar in your diet is tough on your system, particularly your organs.High fructose corn syrup contributes to elevated blood pressure and triglycerdes, and LDL for starters. HFCS also impacts insulin resistance, obesity, heart disease, various forms of cancer, liver disease, and, for those of you have suffered the intensity of gout, you know what I'm talking about! Blood pressure elevates from high-fructose corn syrup, and minerals and vitamins are diminished with extended use of HFCS. Change your sugar intake today. Use fruits and veggies that have one-fourth the amount of sugar found in a standard soda. Try Kombucha drinks for that fizzy component and make the switch from killer sodas. Make 2010 the year of clean and green...not the greenwashing that some companies foist on us, but take real steps to create the tactics for your own healing strategy. All the big names in health recommend Stevia - from Raw Foodies to gluten-free bakers. I know it's got an aftertaste, but I believe it's because we use it much the same way as we tip over a packet of sugar. It doesn't take much before your tea tastes cloying. Instead take the stevia packet or bulk stevia and gently tap only a couple of times to get the sweetening effect. One packet or bulk bit can last you through 5-7 cups of tea. Just a little dash will do you and over time your body will love you 'cause you truly have made the right choice. To sweetness and light!

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