Friday, December 18, 2009

Surfs Up! The Wellness Wave Is a Tsunami!

Does shopping, dining or your at home eating experiences make you hesitate? Is there a pervasive question that enters your mind before or after food goes into your mouth.....what does my trainer, naturopath, doctor, acupuncturist, health consultant have in mind for me? Do you finally have a personal vow for true health or have you always felt the call to be all you can be.

At last, many of us are on the same page regardless of the approach. There are the vegans, lacto-ovo or dairy inclusive vegetarian, organic flesh food eaters, and various hybrids of same. These groups then further branch into Raw Foodies, Macrobiotic followers, or swing into the other camp of Weston Price aficionados or the “clean” imbibers of everything from ice cream to wine. Seems almost everyone agrees sugar is evil. Sugar actually does start a cascade of ill health that ages one 15 years faster like your dear friend who still proudly drinks her coke with smile. Well bless her heart!

Healthy Home Market has grown, too. Three years ago we still sold soda right next to the Penta water! Now there’s alkaline water technology that cleanses your cells or cleans your floor with a switch to full acid settings being considered for our store. Light speed change, practiced by enough of us, could just maybe slow the degradation of our environment. Food sustainability is here to stay and with it comes a reach towards justice for all.

It used to be what we do to our neighbors we do to ourselves. Now it’s seems the reverse is true as well. How we eat, where we get our food has local and global impact. Many bring their own bags to the store for purchases, and are we done with those nasty plastic bags yet? We need to put them down, like cigarettes, as they incapacitate our waterways, bird’s beaks and the ocean currents like a Camel will plug up your lungs.

Two years ago I used to plead with friends and family, “Green is the new black. Do ya get it?” They were bored with my antics and now I hear it everywhere. Know we are in a fight for our future, your children’s future and on to all the generations that deserve good health from the good Earth. It’s not theory that Big Pharma, Big Agra spend billions of dollars to coerce our elected officials to mentally obliterate us from their consciousness. The result, if we don’t stop it, will eventually lead to our own obliteration.

The last three months we’ve been running a movie entitled NUTRACIDE about Codex Alimentarius, alias Food Code. Codex was created in 1962 as an international food trade Commission (beware the “trade” distinction) by the United Nations through the World Trade Organization. Codex has become another arm of the pharmeceutical, pesticide, biotech and chemical industries.....back to our neighbors and ourselves. If you really want to feel well and know what you’re eating go to If you agree, do what they request and “ride the freedom mouse”. No midnight ride of Paul Revere necessary here for a health care revolution. Click your mouse and be all you can be.

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