Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Splice of Life

Monsanto is now a local company residing in the North Carolina Research Campus connected with Dole Foods. Monsanto says that there are just a handful of engineers working there to fiddle with our seeds and food supply, particularly soybeans. Actually there are 25 with plans for over 100 employees. Somehow technology trumps nature again and again and we buy into it for a variety of reasons like ease, alluring price, half truths to name a few. Hybridized plants spliced with animals are thought to continue life as we've enjoyed it? There's a contradiction in there somewhere. Anyone with sense knows our world is moving at turbo speed and those that abide the Monsanto motto think we need to have bigger, better agribusiness methods. I recommend renting the movie Food, Inc., Sicko and The Cove for an educational experience about this contradiction.

There are those that suffer from gluten sensitivities. These folks have experienced what hybridized wheat does to the increased gluten content of our breads, rolls and desserts. As Americans we like our breads fluffy and gooey, and it is proving to perhaps be the culprit behind numerous gluten syndromes. Local groups needing gluten free foods are regulars at our stores as Healthy Home Market has a wide variety of these items that uplift and heal families lives. Gluten has been shown to contribute to digestive issues of all sorts, numerous other maladies and even to Autism.

Take charge of your food intake. Know that you can get organic, clean and local, gluten-free, chemical free produce, meats and dairy near you in Charlotte and Davidson. While you're working towards good health for yourselves take a step and contact your Congressmen and Congresswomen and let them know that you are not going to be the animal that is being tested anymore.

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