Friday, October 19, 2012

Support Local. We Do: Outta the Park BBQ Sauce

Outta the Park BBQ Sauce hit the shelves in 2009, but the roots were planted back in 2002 after a family health crisis. Co-founders, Beth and Scott Granai of Cary, NC, did a complete pantry overhaul after the scare and began purchasing natural and organic foods, cooking from scratch and replacing their conventional pantry staples with new favorites that were free of chemical additives and GMO ingredients. Beth was successful in replacing most everything except their favorite BBQ sauce. The natural options just didn't compare to their favorite chemical laden sauce. So, Scott began making the family's sauce, using what ingredients they had on hand each time. While, they were all good, they were still lacking something. In 2008 things changed when Scott made the first batch of what would become Outta the Park BBQ Sauce. He decided to throw in some fresh jalapenos and fresh ginger that were in the produce drawer. After the third bite, Beth proclaimed, "We could sell a million bottles of this!" Over the next year, Scott continued to make the sauce for the family, but when he was laid off in 2009, they decided the time was right to start a family business and Outta the Park BBQ sauce hit shelves soon after! For Beth and Scott, "Outta the Park" is all about celebrating REAL food and great tasting convenience foods made with clean ingredients. Their slogan from day one has been, "It's Real. It's Good. It's Gone! It's Outta the Park!" (And it really is!)

About the Owners
Scott is a prize-winning home chef and a fan of great-tasting foods. He grew up in Norwell, MA, and is a class of 1991 Harvard graduate. Beth is from Matthews, NC, and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1990. She is passionate about organic and nutrient-dense foods and natural health and wellness.


  1. Thank you Healthy Home Market for supporting Local and for this great write up! We appreciate you sharing our story and offering our product on your shelves!