Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Advantages of Buying Bulk Herbs and Spices

In case you don't know, HHM has a phenomenal bulk herb and spice section at each of our locations! Admittedly, the selections are smaller at our smaller stores (Hickory and Galleria), but they carry all of our top sellers and are happy to place special orders!

Advantages of Buying in Bulk

* Bulk buying contributes to your pocketbook. By not paying for all that individual packaging, labeling and advertising, you’re getting more product for your money.
* It's a green way to buy. Statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency show we generate about 80 million tons of waste from packaging and containers every year. This is almost 1/3 of the country's municipal solid waste. In addition to the waste products themselves, the manufacturing of them wastes energy and resources. When you buy in bulk and reuse storage containers, it’s a positive contribution to our planet's health.
* You can often find the product you want in bulk and purchase the exact amount you want. We can also place special orders for larger amounts.
* Without the restriction of buying a minimum amount, you may feel compelled to try new things!
* By buying from the bulk section, you can assess for yourself the color, aroma and texture of the products you're buying.

Tips for Buying in Bulk

* You might want to organize your cupboards a bit — to make room for your bulk products. Look in your cupboards to see what items you usually purchase in containers or cans that you can now purchase in bulk. If you really want to get organized, purchase some nice, airtight glass jars (safer than plastics for food storage), and some labels so you can keep track of what you have. Containers can be purchased at the store or recycle old spice containers, spaghetti sauce jars etc.
* Find those items that you already purchasing in the bulk section. But also explore a bit, maybe trying one or two new items each visit! You can purchase many other items in bulk, beyond just herbs and spices: beans, cereals, flours, grains, nut butters, oils, pastas, sweeteners, teas and coffees (Fair Trade), and household and toiletry items like laundry detergent and soaps.
* If you brought your own containers to the store, remember to weigh them before filling them (you'll find scales in the bulk section too), so you don't get charged for the weight of the containers when the products are weighed at checkout. Note this weight, as well as, the plu number on the container, bag or sticker.


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