Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's in Season in the Carolinas Right Now?

These days, consumers can find any fruit or vegetable that they desire year round at the local grocery store, however, eating items in season is much better for our bodies and our environment. By buying in season produce, we can buy locally which puts revenue back in our local economy, supports local farmers and keeps produce from racking up a huge carbon footprint. Nutritionally, in season/local produce is miles and days, or even weeks, fresher, allowing it to retain much more of it's nutritional value. And to top it off, seasonal items are more affordable and just plain taste better! One of the benefits of shopping at a smaller local store, like Healthy Home Market, is that our local food doesn't first have to go to a warehouse where it sits and waits to be shipped off to numerous locations. We have cultivated great relationships with our farmers and have our own truck to pick up orders. Often, the fruits or veggies that we offer were picked at 6 am and are available in the store at 8 am. Not many chains can say that! In the coming months, look for an abundance of local, seasonal choices in our produce departments!

So, some of you may just be wondering, "What exactly is in season in our area right now?" Well, let's take a look!

Cilantro - year roundSwiss Chard - March-December
Beets - year roundCollard Greens - March-December
Leeks - year roundKale - March-December
Lettuce - year roundBroccoli - April-May
Spinach - year roundGarlic Scapes - April-May
Onions - year roundStrawberries - April-June
Sweet Potatoes - year roundBlueberries - May-July
Parsley - year roundZucchini - May-September
Oregano - year roundSummer Squash - May-November
Thyme - year roundBasil - May-November
Mint - year roundCantaloupe - June-July
Sage - year roundOkra - June-July
Nettles - March-AprilWatermelon - June-August
New Potatoes - March-AprilCucumbers - June-August
Cherries - March-JuneEggplant - June-August
Asparagus - March-JunePeaches - June-September
Scallions - March-NovemberNectarines - June-September
Radishes - March-NovemberGreen Beans - June-September

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