Friday, April 29, 2011

Kids' Perspectives on Being Green

"We should recycle because if it gets too trashy, the world might die." - Sonia, age 6

"It is important to be green because if we don't the animals like the polar bear will become extinct because their homes are melting." - Olivia, age 7

" Being green means to care for your community and not litter, use less energy, and stop cutting down trees!!!" - Jeremy, age 8

"If you chop down trees we won't have air to breathe." - Dylan, age 6

"Throwing trash away - it kills the fish." - Nick, age 5

" If people don't be green, Earth's atmosphere will evaporate." - Ari, age 7

"It's important to be green because it makes the earth healthy and it's better for people too." - Morgan, age 8

"Being green means to recycle and don't use your car too much." - Hannah, age 7

"Being green means to not use your car when you need to go somewhere close to you and also shut off lights when you are done with them." - Taylor, age 7

"When you're being green, if you're close to a place, you can ride your bike instead of a car." - Lindsey, age 8

"It is important to be green because then we can stop global warming." - Paul, age 7

"It is important to be green so the earth can go on." - Jack, age 8

"Being green means you do stuff to help the environment. For example, recycle, don't waste paper, turn off lights." - Anjali, age 8

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