Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tips for a Green Halloween

Halloween is certainly one of the most fun holidays of the year, however, it can also be wasteful and unhealthy. Here are a few tips for having a green Halloween this year:

  • Trick or Treat with a Reusable Container - Pillow cases or cloth grocery bags work great. Or if you already have a plastic bucket, keep using it!
  • Reuse Costumes - Never throw away a costume after one use! Change it up for another year or pass it on to someone who can use it. Trading can also be fun and exciting!
  • Make Your Own Costume - Utilize things you already have around the house or visit a thrift store, instead of purchasing something new.
  • Avoid Toxic Make-up/Hair Spray/Nail Polish - They can contain lead and other metals, plus numerous chemicals. Opt for natural options, we have plenty to choose from.
  • Give Eco-friendly Treats - Our stores carry a variety of Organic chocolates, lollipops and other healthy candies. Another option is to distribute fun, but useful, items such as pencils, erasers and stickers.
  • Walk Rather Than Drive - If possible, trick or treat in an area close enough to walk to. It will be cheaper, better for the environment, great exercise and a fun experience for the whole family!
  • Decorate Consciously - Grow pumpkins and use them for decoration before eating. Gourds and hay make great decor. Scarecrows can be made from pine straw and old clothes. Ghosts can be made from sheets and everything listed can be used from year to year!
  • Party Properly - Serve healthy, local food and treats, local, organic beer, light eco-friendly candles and decorate accordingly (see above). Opt for reusable tableware and provide recycling bins. See our Green Tailgating blog for more ideas for eco-friendly partying!

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