Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Product: Suja Juice

Their website tagline: "Keep It Simple! Nourish and Flourish! Refresh, Rejuvenate, Reset!" Sounds good to us! And it is good, very good! Suja Juice is raw, 100% organic and cold pressed! "Cold-pressing, as opposed to centrifugal juicing, which can draw in air and produce friction heat and static electricity, prevents oxidation. Pressing also yields a higher amount of juice and results in a cleaner crisper taste. After pressing, Suja’s cold-pressed juice is HPP’d. This stands for High Hydrostatic Pressure, which is done instead of flash pasteurization. The juice is placed in an ice bath and pressure is applied to all sides of the bottles to kill pathogens." Over two pounds of fruit and vegetables goes into each drink! What's the story behind Suja? "Suja means “long, beautiful life” in Hindi. It was started by several people all of which are committed to healthy lifestyles. Founder and chef Eric Ethans was cold pressing juices for friends and family for years and gradually expanded it into a home delivery business. From there and with the addition of experienced beverage industry team members, Suja expanded to a retail offering. The core ethos for Suja is to help people find a healthy way of living." Currently we are offering the following flavors: Purify, Fiji, Master Cleanse, Fuel, Glow and Green Supreme. Don't own a juicer? Didn't have time to juice today? New to juicing? Just looking for something healthy and delicious? Suja Juices are the answer! Try one or more today, they're located in our Produce Department!

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