Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Healthy Home Market Sales for Your 4th of July Cookout!

KJ, South End Produce Associate with our local watermelons!
Can you believe it? July 4 is next Thursday! No doubt many of you will be celebrating our nation's independence by cooking out with friends or family. Check out the great sales that we have going on during the month of June and July to make your gathering perfect (or at least the food will be)!

On sale now through June 30:
For the Grill: Grayson Farms Local Grass Fed Ground Beef ($4.99 lb.)
For the Vegetarians/Vegans: Gardein Ultimate Beefless Sliders ($2.99), Mori-Nu Firm Silken Tofu and Earth Balance Garlic & Herb Buttery Spread (great on grilled veggies! $3.49)
For a Fruit Salad: Local blueberries (2/$6 pint) and Local Peaches ($1.49 lb.)
For Dessert: Aldens Light Vanilla Ice Cream ($4.99, 48 oz.), Julie's Organic Ice Cream ($3.49 pint), Dancing Deer Chocolate Chunk Brownies ($2.99, 8 oz.), Ah!Laska Organic Chocolate Syrup ($3.99) and Let's Do Gluten Free Sugar Cones ($2.99)
To Drink: Virgil's Zero Root Beer ($3.99, 4/12 fl. oz.), Apple & Eve Fruitables ($3.49, 8/200 ml.), Diamond Creek Alkaline Water (99¢, 16.9 oz.)
Additional Cookout Needs: Pirate's Booty White Cheddar (2/$4), Seventh Generation 2 Ply Unbleached Bath Tissue ($7.99, 12/400 ct.) and Alba SPF 45 Lavender Sunblock (4 fz.)

On sale starting July 3 through July 31:
For the Grill: Grass Fed NY or Ribeye Beef Steaks ($9.99 lb.), Shelton's Chicken Franks (2/$5) and Sol Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burgers ($3.29)
For the Burgers and Dogs: Woodstock Organic Ketchup ($1.89, 14 oz.), Woodstock Organic Mustard ($1.99, 8 oz.), Bubbies Sauerkraut ($4.99, 25 oz.) and Rudi's Organic Wheat Hot Dog Buns (2/$5)
For Sides: Fresh Deli-Made Waldorf Salad ($6.99 lb.), Brad's Raw Organic Kale Chips ($5.99), Barbara's Original Cheese Puffs ($1.99), Ian's Gluten Free Alphatots Fries ($2.49, 12 oz.) and Local Watermelons ($3.99)
For Dessert: Julie's Organic Gluten Free Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches ($4.99), Cool Fruits Grape & Cherry Freeze Pops (2/$4, 14 fl. oz.)
To Drink: HHM Natural Spring Water (2/$1, .5 liter) and Blue Sky Natural Soda (2/$5, 6/12 fl. oz)
Additional Cookout Needs: Nature's Grilling 100% Natural Hardwood Briquets ($3.99, 9 lb.), If You Care Recycled Aluminum Foil ($2.99), Ecover Auto Dishwashing Tablets ($3.99), Natural Value 2 Ply 80 Sheet Paper Towels (2/$5, 3 pk.) and Quantum Research Buzz Away Extreme ($8.99)
In Case You Get Burnt: Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gelly ($4.99)

Don't forget our awesome selection of Beer, Wine, Champagne and Saki! Gluten Free selections, as well! We, at Healthy Home Market, hope everyone has a safe, healthy and happy 4th of July!

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