Thursday, April 4, 2013

Support Local. We Do: Tito's Specialty Foods

Healthy Home Market is very excited to now be offering Tito's Specialty Foods! Tito's is a local company based out of Hendersonville, NC which offers various Hummus flavors (Red Pepper, Garlic and Jalapeno), Pimento Cheese and Harmony, which is an amazing mixture of hummus and pimento cheese! Tito Micucci is the man behind the products, originally a native of New Hampshire. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Tito was a member of the United States Air Force and worked as a Customs and Border Protection Officer for thirteen years. Dissatisfaction with many factors in his former position led him to take the big leap and start his own business. And so far, so good! Tito's currently has a few employees and big plans for the future! Plans include partnering with other companies and communities to make sure that healthy food, including Tito's products, is getting to the mouths of hungry children. If you haven't tried the products for yourself yet, you're missing out! Fresh, preservative free and delicious!

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