Thursday, September 29, 2011

Celebrate World Vegetarian Day!

World Vegetarian Day is Saturday, October ,1 kicking off Vegetarian Awareness Month, which culminates in World Vegan Day on November 1! For those not already vegetarian or vegan, Saturday would be a good day to give it a try! Even if you're not ready to make a lifetime or even month-long commitment, one day without meat is a great place to begin. If you start with the right recipes, you will never even miss the meat! You can start right here on this blog, we list Meatless Monday recipes every, you guessed it, Monday! Except that one time when we accidentally posted on Tuesday...Meatless Monday is a movement that has gained a lot of ground since its start in 2003 and is now practiced in 21 countries and growing. The idea is "cut out meat one day a week." If every person on the planet ate a vegetarian diet one day a week, it would be equivalent to taking 5.7 million cars off of the road each year or planting 4.5 billion trees. Every little bit really does make a difference, but imagine the impact if if it was more than once a week! Plus, in the process, you may discover all kinds of new and delicious foods that you have never had before. These days there are also a multitude of meat alternatives to try, far more than your traditional veggie burger. Healthy Home Market is a great resource for all things vegetarian! Get your friends, family and coworkers involved in Vegetarian Awareness Month...not only will it be easier and more fun to do together, not to mention, healthier for everyone involved and the planet, but participants can win $1000! Click here to take the pledge. Happy meatless eating everyone! Your body, the Earth and animals everywhere will thank you!

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