Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Donate to Japan and Other Charities, No Money Required!

In the wake of the terrible disaster in Japan, help is needed. However, many people are already having a hard time making their own ends meet and don't feel like they have anything to spare. But consider if everyone in America just donated $1, it would be a substantial number. With that in mind here is a list of accredited Japanese charities provided by the Better Business Bureau. You can also quickly and easily text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.00 to the Red Cross. In addition, there are also several ways that you can help for free! 
Both the Dog Bless You and the Voskos Greek Yogurt groups will donate $1 for every "like" they receive on their Facebook pages.
The Moms Need To Know blogging network will donate $1 for every blog comment, up to $300 and from their homepage you will see a list of other blog sites who are joining in the effort and then from those individual blogs, you can find even more bloggers who are contributing. has a "Give a Minute" option where for each completed survey $0.10 will be donated. will donate ­$0.01 for every "reblog" and "like" and $0.05 for every "follower" they receive to the Red Cross.
If you know of any other sites, please comment below.

Many may not know that there are quite a few "Click-to-Donate" sites on the internet. These sites allow people to donate money to charitable causes without spending any money at all. For every click, sponsors will donate to the chosen cause. It is extremely easy, takes very little time and really adds up. Here is a list of sites which contribute to causes supporting everything from ending world hunger, animal rights, saving the rainforest, education, curing breast cancer and much more.

For a comprehensive list of "Click-to-Donate" websites, try, and check out this blog The Mouse That Saved the World for more detail on certain donation sites.

And of course, donating your time, man-power and and gently used items is always free! 

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