Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HHM: Making Taking Action Easy!

As we have previously discussed in other posts, one of the most important things we can do as consumers, when it comes to making a difference for issues that we care about, is to vote with our dollars. As citizens, we should always exercise our right to vote at the polls. We should never be silent about the issues that matter! Spreading the word to friends, family and strangers through conversation, by utilizing the internet, joining a group, holding an event, starting a non-profit, etc. should never be underestimated! These grassroots efforts often lead to big changes. If you don't quite think you're ready to start a revolution just yet, another simple way to send a big message is to sign a petition. And of course, through the wonders of the internet and social networking, we can easily ask others to sign them as well. Below is a small list of links for petitions for issues that we think are important, that impact our industry, that effect our health, that effect the health of our planet, etc. Please take a look and decide for yourself. If an issue moves you, please take the time to sign the petition and spread the word. And please, share any other issues that are important to you in the comments area. We are all in this together!

Millions Against Monsanto

Call For an Immediate Moratorium on Carbon and Nuclear Fuels

Tell Congress Our Kids Need Healthy Lunches - And Help Fight Diabetes

Act for Autism Petition

Keep BPA's Out of Kids' Products

Do You Know GMO?

Stand Up to Factory Farms

Fight Disease - Replenish the Global Fund

USDA Admits Organic Fraud is Increasing

Help Europe Save Their Supplements

Limit Use of Non-Therapeutic Antibiotics in Food Animals

Say No to Frankenfish Salmon

Support Women's Health with the Globals MOMS Act

Please also take the time to check out Care2's Click-to-Donate page. All you have to do is "click" and money will be donated to the cause of your choice. How much easier could it get? And Free Rice, a fun website where you answer questions and for every right answer, the World Hunger Programme will donate 10 grains of rice to the hungry. It adds up quickly!

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